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World Champion & Commissioner’s Granddaughter!

Charlie is not the only WINNER in the Riley family this year!  Charlie and Deanne Riley’s granddaughter, Kynlee Curry was a big winner at the Pinto World Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week.

Kynlee Curry  won World Champion Novice Youth Discipline Rail Western!

She also won:
Res. World Champion in jr Trail shown by Cooper Evans
3rd in Nov Youth Showmanship
3rd in Novice Youth Trail (tied for reserve)

Curry also celebrated her fifteenth birthday during the competition, along with her team, 3D Show Horses. The team took home a total of 18 awards last week.

Curry’s victory was especially sweet for the Riley family, coming on the heels of her grandpa, Charlie Riley’s re-election as Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner.

The year 2018 began as a stressful one for the entire Riley family, with an election so nasty it was unprecedented in Montgomery County. They faced fake news, unchecked stalking, harassment in person and on social media in the form of lies and outright attacks by some failed candidates and their entire posse of misfits, determined to become relevant at any cost. It’s probably impossible to gauge the true amount of time and money pumped into defeating Charlie Riley by these people whose motives were questionable, to say the least. But, Charlie Riley and his family kept their heads up, worked hard, prayed, and won in the end. The year took a decidedly positive turn for the Riley’s in May with Charlie Riley’s Primary Election victory. Now Kynlee, at only 15-years-old, holds a “world champion” title! Grandparents Charlie and Deanne couldn’t be more proud!

The bottom line is – the Riley’s are a family of winners!

Congratulations, Kynlee!



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