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WRECKER DRIVERS HIT WHILE LOADING dwi accident-both critical


As Troopers were working the fatal crash in New Waverly Friday morning involving two 18-wheelers two wreckers were cleaning up the aftermath of a DWI crash 24 miles up the freeway that occurred at 2:45 a.m..

With two medium duty Freightliner wreckers from Drakes towing service on the scene in the left lane. Their overhead lights A Texas Department of Criminal Justice bus slammed into one of the wreckers head-on.

That crash sent Kurtis Todd, of Huntsville,  one of the wrecker drivers to Conroe Regional Hospital with most of his fingers and toes broken, two vertebrae and over one hundred staples. He is still in Intensive care this morning. Kurtis was pinned between the wrecker and the freeway dividing safety cable.

David White who was driving the wrecker that was hit was thrown to the median  He was flown to Houston by Life Flight and remains in critical condition. With a broken leg in four places and head injury.

The TDCJ bus was transporting 23 inmates to the Alfred D. Hughes prison unit in Gatesville. A second bus was immediately dispatched with guards to provide additional security at the crash site. Six of the inmates were transported to Huntsville Memorial Hospital and were treated and released. All three correctional officers were transported, two of which were later released.

The name of the bus driver has not yet been released.

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  1. They were working the scene of a DWI accident-clearing the debri and vehicles away, they were facing oncoming traffic, and what was Mr. TDC bus driver doing that he ran head on into them!!??? Texting? Falling asleep at the wheel?? What!!?? This is inexcusable-they had their flashing caution lights on, does this imbecile not know that you are supposed to now go to the other lane to pass emergancy personnel working an accident/disabled vehicle, and to slow the hell down when doing so!!!
    My prayers go out to these men who worked for Drakes Towing!! May God help them to heal and provide a living for their families while they cannot work!! Drakes is the towing company that towed my vehicle and another woman’s when a twice convicted DWI driver caused an accident on the morning of 2/13/2012 in Huntsville, by thinking he could make an unsignaled, last-minute, left-hand turn into oncoming traffic!! He told the officer “he thought he could make it”-DUH!!! I’ll just bet he was impaired from drinking all day Sunday and was still half drunk on that Monday morning! Too damn bad nobody caught it!!! He later received his 2nd DWI on Easter Sunday at 6 am in the morning and was subsequently convicted!!! So don’t make the mistake of thinking the drunks are not on the road 24/7!!! They are drunk and out there…just poised to play Russian roulette with your lives!!

  2. Its confusing… but that’s okay. Normally most all stories on here, are spot on. Possibly the temptation to want to insert “DWI ” scene into the story, considering the number of DWI fatalities up and down I-45 in the last few weeks.

  3. This did sound a little confusing. But I live here in Huntsville and my husband is a wrecker driver as well. So I know a little from what he told me. And from what I understand there were 3 wrecks that morning. (#1) There was the one involving the two 18 wheelers down south in New Waverly on 45 at 1375. (#2) And then there was the one up north at the 126ish mile marker. This one was with the DWI driver and Drakes Towing were the ones there working the wreck to start with. (#3) And as they were there doing there job, along comes the TDCJ Bus and hits their tow truck. Which trapped one driver between his truck and the safety cable and threw the other driver in the median.  This hit home for me, like I said my husband drives a wrecker for a living and this could have easily been him. I pray for the guys and their families. Hope this made a little more sense. 

  4. I am not sure how it is confusing. If you read the article it clearly says “two wreckers were cleaning up the aftermath of a DWI crash 24 miles up the freeway that occurred at 2:45 a.m..”

    I read it as troopers were working the accident involving the 18-wheelers and the prison bus hit the tow trucks as they worked another accident which involved a DWI just 24 miles up the way.

    Again not sure how you are confused. It was well written and explained in great detail.

  5. It is confusing. What are the details about the DWI wreck that happened 24 miles up the road? More 18-wheelers involved, hence the need for the heavy duty wreckers? I’d love to see some kind of diagram of the accident scene.

  6. This story looks a lot confusing. After 4 readings, still unclear did the accident happen at the DWI crash or the 18 wheeler crash and why was the bus or wrecker traveling the wrong way to get hit head-on ? What happen to the bus driver? Where was the officers working traffic control?

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