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Edward Lamer Blackwell, who was responsible for the deaths of three people on July 1, has left the hospital and moved to another facility and police and prosecutors are hoping someone will come forward with information about his whereabouts and medical condition. Blackwell was southbound on the I-45 service road when he entered the freeway at Research. Once on the freeway’s main lanes, Blackwell slowed and then made a U-turn and began driving north in the southbound lanes of the interstate.

Within minutes, the Montgomery County 911 Center’s phone lines lit up with motorists calling in to report the wrong way vehicle. 

Dispatchers were recalling another incident within a mile of the reported location, just days earlier, that killed two, and they immediately put out alerts to patrol units in the area hoping they could locate the wrong way driver before the unthinkable happened again. The tension could be heard in their voices as they were broadcast over the radio system.

A Shenandoah unit which was on I-45 at SH 242 jumped the median and attempted to completely stop southbound traffic, in an effort to avoid a crash by the wrong way driver.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Seconds later, another deputy called dispatchers requesting fire and EMS units just north of Woodlands Parkway. He stated that a Pontiac G6 had struck a Chevy Malibu head-on and all persons appeared to be in critical condition or deceased.

South Montgomery County Fire Department cut and manipulated the twisted metal to free the driver from the Chevrolet. He was critically injured and transported to Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands by ground ambulance. From there, he was transferred to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston’s Texas Medical Center.  The others were not as lucky. Dominique Hobbs, 27 of Grand Prairie was dead. Anis Atkins, the female passenger in the Pontiac G6 was also dead. Stephen Kyle Isbell, 47, of The Woodlands, and a friend and passenger in the Blackwell car was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Blackwell’s blood alcohol level was measured at .177, which is more than twice the legal limit. Because of his severe injuries and hospitalization, he was not arrested at the time. The families and friends of the deceased had to wait for justice until Blackwell was healthy enough to face prosecution.

He somehow  left Hermann Hospital and transferred to another facility. Three warrants have been issued for his arrest on the charge of intoxication manslaughter. Bond has been set at $100,000 on each charge, for a total of $300.000 bond.

He could have been arrested prior to him leaving but his medical condition is such that he could not have been jailed.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts or condition of Edward Blackwell is asked to call the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office or call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP. Callers may remain anonymous.

Blackwell is also featured on this week’s Crime Stoppers Featured Felons page.





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  1. Sounds like you did not have all of the facts on this one Jamie. I read that the County knew where Blackwell was the entire time? Where did you guys get your information from??

  2. Handcuffs to the bed would’ve worked for me…killer DWI drivers have more rights than the innocent people they kill and victimize! TDCJ needs to make room for these scumbags! And the Judges in Texas need to start putting them there instead of putting them right back onto the road repeatedly!!

  3. @buss377….. Did you READ my ENTIRE post? I KNOW criminals don’t think like a “Normal” person..

    @Scott Engle… They spend money on other BS,but can’t post a guard? Take AWAY the “TAKE HOME” cars that burn fuel senselessly.Use a Deputy that lives in Woodlands/S.County area.. Doesn’t need to go TO Conroe… He/She could just stop at the hospital..Look,a SAVINGS of Fuel.
    How about using Grant money??
    Yes,Virginia,it COULD be accomplished if wanted!!

  4. i have a question i hope someone can answer for me..
    why are latinos, hispanics, or mexicans, what ever,are referred to as white when they are the perpetrators and hispanic or whatever when they are the victim ??strange ain’t it ?? perhaps a law enforcement officer can answer that question, since they are the ones that usually write the reports..
    Thanks !!

  5. Edward himself sustained serious brain damage from this event. Last I heard he was still listed on active duty with the Army, He was on medical leave and in some brain trauma rehab. I sure the Army knows where he is, they are paying the bills.

  6. so you expected him to wait around to be jailed. You keep expecting a stupid, drunken, criminal to behave rationally?
    you might need to rethink your thinking. This butt head should have been handcuffed to the bed, sent to the jail as soon as he was sober/stable enough to go.

  7. WOW…. How can a MURDERER just walk away from the hospital?Was the Deputy taking a nap that was guarding him?Did he have a key to the handcuffs he was in?
    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm……

    • The county can’t afford a deputy round the clock at Hermann Hospital. He was taken there the night of the crash and remained there until a short time ago. His condition did not allow him to be jailed. Think of the cost 27/7 deputy, fuel from Conroe to Hermann 3 times a day for shifts, deputies pulled off the streets to do it. As big as the county is and as many hospitals that take patients in from the area. Think the cost of putting deputies at each one.

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