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Jamie Nash and Scott Engle are Montgomery County residents and veteran law enforcement reporters, who met covering a law enforcement story and have covered multiple counties, with Scott as a television videographer for multiple local stations and national networks, and Jamie as newspaper / magazine / online reporter. They continued to work together and were eventually married. MCPR was created in 2008 after Jamie left a newspaper that conflicted with her ethics. Initially, it was blog style website where Jamie wrote stories and posted them with photos. Scott provided video, and as the blog grew in popularity, businesses started to ask about advertising. The blog soon transitioned to a news website, and then to a print newspaper.
In more recent years, Scott has written many of the narratives that accompany his video, since Jamie has another job related to criminal justice. There is often so much happening, Scott’s stories are written on scene and appear (obviously) raw and unedited, but they remain the fastest source for information available most of the time.
Jamie continues to write and cover stories, when possible, and also lays out the weekly print edition of the newspaper (with edited stories, additional information and all of the week’s arrests), which hits shelves every Friday and is available in over 100 stores throughout Montgomery County, Texas and by subscription. 

MCPR is a pro-law enforcement, pro-Second Amendment publication owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Engle and Nash, with around 200,000 followers on Facebook as of January 2017. Links to stories can also be found on Twitter, with videos posted on YouTube.



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