According to Willis Police a Conway tandem 18-wheeler was southbound on I-45 at Calvary Road just after 6am. The driver for unknown reasons left the right side of the roadway. As he tried to correct the truck fell to its side. A Chevrolet Silverado with a driver  behind it did not see the truck and plowed into it with a driver and three passengers did  not see the truck in the main lanes of the freeway and slammed into it. Shortly after an SUV occupied with only the driver also did not see it and slammed into it. He was not injured. A tandem Federal Express 18-wheeler then approached and saw the crash at the last second. That driver jack-knifed. ,
The trucks were righted and loaded on wreckers just after 8am. Haz-Mat crews from Haz-Mat International and Masters Haz-Mat are on the scene cleaning oil and fuel from the road. The road is expected to reopen by 10am. Only the southbound main lanes are affected. The southbound traffic is being moved to the feeder where a MCSO Deputy is directing traffic at the Calvary intersection. There were no  injuries.


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