A young boy was killed Friday evening  in a big rig accident on Highway 290, near the Grand Parkway/Mason Road that involved an 18-wheeler and two other vehicles.

The driver of the 18-wheeler admitted that he had been texting when he rammed into a Kia at full speed. The big rig was pulling a Bobcat-type tractor, and Standifer said skid marks were several hundred feet long

Inside the Kia, a 9 year-old boy in the backseat was killed, with his mother and sister in the front also suffering injuries. The victim’s mother and sister were transported by LifeFlight to the hospital.

The impact caused a chain reaction that involving two other vehicles. DPS said the Kia that took the initial hit from the 18-wheeler was stopped in traffic, and had no way of evading the crash.

The impact also pushed the Kia forward, hitting a Toyota Camry and a Ford F-150. The driver of the Camry was taken to a hospital. Her condition was not available late Friday. The driver of a Ford was taken to the hospital with leg pain.

“It’s a damn mess,” said DPS Trooper Richard Standifar. “The back seat and the back trunk area is pushed up to back of the driver and passenger seat.”

Due to the incident, US 290 was closed past midnight.

The crash, which was in Harris County, is normally investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Accident Team. However, Friday has been one of the deadliest nights in recent memory, with 10 people losing their lives in both Harris and Montgomery County. When this crash was dispatched, Harris County Sheriff’s Office was already involved in the investigation of four other fatal crashes. Montgomery County DPS Troopers were called in to assist Harris County DPS Troopers in this crash.

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