August 11, 2022 6:59 am

Posted: 21.6.2009 1:52

Delivery truck did not prove amphibious

LAKE CONROE- A merchandise repossession by Aaron’s Rental on Saturday did not go quite as planned. Some might say the furniture and appliance rental store “took a bath.”

Around 8:30 a.m., the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies to a disturbance call on Mariner Dr. near Lakeway Dr. in the Corinthian Point subdivision.

They arrived to find an Aaron’s truck about 30 feet from the shore in Lake Conroe. Witnesses said the furniture truck arrived and was parked with its flashers turned on. Two men approached the male resident of a nearby home and an argument ensued. Meanwhile, the female resident sneaked into the box truck and shifted it into neutral before jumping and shouting the Aaron’s employees that they had better catch their truck.

The woman then hopped onto a motorcycle and fled the area.

On a steep incline, the truck was already rolling downhill toward the lake. The smaller of the two men tried to chase the truck at first, but stopped when he realized he could not catch it.

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The truck struck the bulkhead, damaging it, and then launched into the lake where it was partially submerged when deputies arrived.

MCSO deputies contacted the Pct. 1 Constable’s Office, who called Towboat US to remove the truck from the water. Towboat US strapped airbags all around the truck and raised it. Once the truck was floating, they began towing it toward a boat ramp with a rope, until the rope snapped. They tried again, adding an airbag, and it got hooked on a stump.

Six hours later, the Aaron’s box truck was out of the water. Both parts of the front windshield were busted, and the bumper was pulled down.

What’s worse, one of the Aaron’s employees recently returned from Iraq and was only on the job with Aaron’s for 10 days.

Neighbors said there was typically a boat parked where the truck rolled and launched and kids were usually fishing there, so the event could have ended tragically.

The Sheriff’s Office was still searching for the woman who fled, at last report. She is expected to face criminal mischief charges at the very least.