Murder-suicide claims 4 lives

San Jacinto County – Law enforcement made a gruesome discovery Saturday night when they found a couple, an elderly woman and a child shot to death inside a home on Outlaw Road, off of FM 1725 near Cleveland.

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A close family member who asked their identity be withheld, said 42-year-old Oliver Leonard “Bubba” Bills, Jr. shot and killed his (adopted)mother, 71-year-old Gloria Tice Bills; his girlfriend, Shara Jean Torres, 27 and Torres’ 6-year-old daughter. He then shot himself. Bills’ father, Oliver Leonard Bills, Sr., died in May 2006.

The shootings occurred in the home Bubba Bills shared with Torres on the back of the property where his mother, Gloria Bills lived. While no motive was immediately apparent, friends and family said Bubba Bills was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had a history of getting off his medication and becoming irrational and “paranoid,” sometimes to the point of requiring the involvement of law enforcement.

Family members say Bubba Bills returned home from Sargent on Saturday, where he was doing carpentry work for his biological mother. Later on, Shara Torres called Gloria Bills saying there was a problem with Bubba. Gloria, in turn, walked over to her son’s home to see if she could help, but wound up dead instead.

Public Data shows only two prior arrests for Bubba Bills, and neither was recent. One was a driving while intoxicated charge and the other was an assault charge in Montgomery County, well over a decade ago. That charge was dismissed.

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