oklahoma officer shoots and kills new caney man

Last Friday Dax Buck Anthony Minor, 30, orf New Caney  was shot and killed last Friday by Moore police.

According to Moore police,

Minor’s girlfriend told police he was armed with a shotgun and had been threatening suicide. She also said he  may have been intoxicated when he ran out of her home and fled in his pickup,  Officers found him driving on Interstate 35, and started a pursuit which ended in the 3600 block of S Eastern Avenue in Moore.

According to police as the pursuit ended Minor exited his truck and started to run toward the officers with his hand under his shirt.  Officers Sgt. Ernest Lockett an eight-year veteran, and Sgt. Rick Bently who has been with the Moore police department 6 years fired on him. He died on the scene. There was no gun found in the truck or on his person. 

This was the second officer involved shooting in a week for this small town.. On May 17th Officers shot and seriously injured a 17-year-old  after he was spotted in a stolen car. Police still are not clear of the details of that shooting.

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