On Monday, March 17, at approximately 9:30 PM, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call in reference to a shooting. Patrol Deputies responded to the 20600 block of Youpon Lane, in Porter, Texas. It was discovered a 64 year old female was at her home alone when she heard a noise at her front door and saw the figure of a man outside. The homeowner obtained a handgun from inside of the residence and instructed the man to leave, stating that she had a gun. The homeowner then stated she would shoot him through the door and again commanded him to leave. The male then attempted to make entry into the house and the homeowner discharged the handgun, firing through the door, striking the male twice. The homeowner advised she then called 911. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Medical Services responded to the location. The male was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, in Houston, where he was pronounced dead after medical intervention was unsuccessful.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Units, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigators, and representatives from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office responded to the location. The male that was shot has been identified as 27 year old Samuel Keen, the next door neighbor of the homeowner. During the investigation, it was discovered that Samuel Keen had been out drinking at a south county bar, with friends earlier that evening, and had taken a cab home from the bar. Samuel Keen is believed to have been intoxicated when he arrived at his neighbor’s house. There have been no previous reported disturbances between the neighbors or calls at the residences involving the neighbors.

No charges were filed against the homeowner. Detectives are still interviewing witnesses and investigating the incident to prepare the case for presentation to a Grand Jury.

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  1. kj2104

    There is a door between you and the person trying to come in the house. How can you fear for your life with out being face to face with that person.! What if this was a kid that wondered off in the middle of the night and was scared.! Stop and think before you do something you can reverse.

  2. robsdolly

    I am a mother and grand mother myself. I am so sorry for all involved. I have been in a similar situation and would do as the woman home alone did. The woman did what she did in fear of her own safety. Prayers for all involved.

  3. kj2104

    I am a mother and am often home alone with my kids. I’m a gun owner and never afraid to use it if need be…. However I would not shoot thru the door if someone was trying to get inside my house I would stand back and wait to see who was coming thru that door before I discharged my weapon….

  4. spk

    This is very sad. What was the woman supposed to think alone in the middle of the night when she heard someone there? I feel sorry for her now that we know what happened. There’s no way she could have known. This is one more example of how much trauma and chaos alcohol causes. Why do people have to get drunk or even drink? We praise and celebrate, etc. with liquor, beer and wine and we constantly see how much devastation it causes. Makes no sense.

  5. campcash

    This is a very sad situation for everyone involved. He did the right thing by taking a cab home and the woman did the right thing because she was scared. He probably didn’t even hear her because of his intoxicated state. My prayers go to both family and friends. Just a tragedy! God Bless.

  6. Rowdy Yates

    Drunk or not, my ars would have made a hasty retreat off that porch on the first warning. This is sad for all involved. I pray for this young mans family as well as the home owner who shot through the door.

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