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NOVEMBER 19, 2006

NOVEMBER 19, 2006

NOVEMBER 19, 2008

NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Judge Kathleen Hamilton of the 359 state District Court had harsh words and a harsher sentence on Wednesday for a defendant who she called “a dealer who uses,” and whose criminal history she called “appalling.”

Rodney Young Anderson, 31, of Fairfield was one of two men arrested in February 2008 following a drug bust that spiraled out of control and ended with four damaged vehicles and shots fired in a busy Conroe shopping center.

On Aug. 20, a jury found Anderson guilty of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver (methamphetamine) and aggravated assault against a public servant. His attorneys placed his fate in the hands of Judge Hamilton.

The defense team asked for probation on the drug charge and a five-year sentence for assaulting a police officer. Prosecutors Rob Freyer and Sheri Culberson asked the judge to sentence Anderson to life in prison.

On Wednesday afternoon, Judge Hamilton began sentencing by telling the court how closely she had examined information related to the case, including a long list of letters pleading for leniency, for probation because the authors believe Anderson has changed.

Judge Hamilton mentioned one letter to Fairfield mayor, Roy Hill who offered Anderson a job. Another from Anderson’s father said the whole family had been “prisoners to the pain of his addiction.”

The letters were written by family, friends, and members of the community the defense hoped would impress the court. It appears that the strategy failed.

Rodney Young Anderson was sentenced to 40 years in prison for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, and life in prison for aggravated assault against a public servant.

Anderson’s accomplice, 29-year-old Timothy Wayne Sherber is currently free on bond awaiting trial.

The 2008 incident occurred at the shopping center located near South Loop 336 and Interstate 45, where investigators say Anderson and Sherber were conducting a transaction involving 3-ounces of methamphetamine and $3,255 in cash. Unbeknownst to Anderson and Sherber, they were monitored by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit.

When the deal was complete and police began to surround the men, they crashed their pickup into a marked patrol unit that was blocking their escape and struck two other vehicles as they tried to flee. An officer fired shots at the men, who both were grazed by bullets, leaving only superficial wounds. Anderson and Sherber were treated at hospitals and released to law enforcement, with both in the county jail within 24-hours.

Lt. Philip Cash, who heads up the SIU, said Anderson was dealing drugs in a wide area around his hometown of Fairfield, Texas. His business was conducted not only in the Montgomery County area but in Central Texas and as far away as Dallas and parts of Louisiana where he was twice arrested on felony drug charges, Cash said.

During sentencing, Judge Hamilton read parts of Anderson’s criminal record, including his two arrests in Louisiana. Those occurred in Caddo Parrish in June 2005 and July 2007.

Hamilton sounded almost as appalled by the request for a “second chance” as she was by Anderson’s history.

“We have defendants who never had a chance for probation and all that it can offer,” Hamilton told Anderson, “And you did, and you laughed at it.”

Addressing the multiple count felony drug charges against Anderson in Louisiana in two separate arrests, Judge Hamilton said she could not “imagine a greater wake-up call.”

“You weren’t even prosecuted for a lot of things you were arrested for,” she said.

Judge Hamilton pointed to another incident that occurred in Dallas County in July 2006 when Anderson was arrested with a 7-year-old child in the backseat and methamphetamine in the driver seat.

She said he took an even greater risk and demonstrated how little he cared about anyone else during the 2008 incident, which occurred on a Monday, around 5:30 p.m. in a shopping center containing a grocery store and a movie rental store which would attract families stopping on their way home for the evening.

“You bought a ticket in the Dodge truck and you had everything that went with it,” she said.

As for the claims by family and friends that Anderson has changed, Judge Hamilton said his efforts were “five years too late.”


NOVEMBER 19, 2013
Tuesday, April 17, 2012, forever changed the Spring family when a new mother was gunned down outside her pediatrician’s office, with her assailants stealing her 3-day-old son and speeding away as the mortally wounded woman tried in vain to hang onto their vehicle.

The murder and kidnapping launched a massive manhunt, and an Amber Alert and gained nationwide attention as the horrific story spread by every form of media. The child was recovered within hours, and people were detained by law enforcement, but many questions remain as the investigation continues and the community is in a state of shock.

Around 2:20 p.m., 28-year-old Kala Marie Golden-Schuchardt was leaving the Northwoods Pediatric Center at 25214 Borough Park Drive with her newborn son, Keegan Schuchardt following a checkup. The mother walked out to her pickup in the parking lot where witnesses say a Lexus was parked beside it with the suspects inside. Initial details were sketchy as the Sheriff’s Office tried to piece together events from evidence and witness statements.

Witnesses said a black female was engaged in a verbal altercation with Golden-Schuchardt before shooting her multiple times.

Tia Collins was in a parking lot across the street when she heard the altercation. Collins said she lay on the ground, fearing for her own safety, and saw the two women struggling. Collins said she counted what she thought were seven shots fired.

“I saw a black male get out, grab the (baby carrier containing Keegan), and get back into the vehicle,” Collins said.

Other reports said the shooter grabbed the carrier and placed little Keegan in the vehicle herself. Investigators were unable to obtain a description of the shooter’s male accomplice.

Witnesses reported hearing the wounded mother scream, “My baby! My baby!” as she reached into the Lexus, trying to retrieve her child. The Lexus knocked her down as it sped away, with her blood smeared on the side.

Medics rushed Golden-Schuchardt by ground ambulance to Memorial Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands where she was pronounced dead.

Law enforcement converged on the scene, along with news media, and an Amber Alert was issued along with a description of the blue Lexus, driven by a “skinny” black woman, late 20’s to early 30’s with “gold” hair.

Around 9:30 p.m., Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon announced little Keegan had been recovered, alive and well, and was reunited with his father.

The suspect’s vehicle was discovered and seized at an apartment complex on Sawmill Road.

“(Keegan) was recovered at another location with the help of Montgomery County SWAT,” Ligon said, “With Sgt. Jason Salter in charge, along with Texas DPS, units were able to go into the location and get the child.”

Ligon said the scene was “just a few short minutes from where the murder occurred.”

The next day Judge Edwards announced there would be no bond set in the case.

Then on October 18, 2012 District Attorney Brett Ligon appeared in District Judge Edwards Court and told the court that after looking at the case they have decided to prosecute the case as a Capital Murder Case seeking the Death Penalty.

Today Vera McClain appeared in Judge Kelly Case’s Court and plead guilty to murder. She was sentenced to life without parole.

“I know she’s going to prison and will never get out, and she did admit to killing my daughter, but I’ll never be over the pain of losing my daughter. Ever,” said Kala’s mother, Linda Golden, following the sentencing.

Neither will the victim’s three children.

“Kala was our only daughter, but she was so much more to us than that. My heart cries out for her every day. Her 3-year-old sees pictures of Kala and says ‘That’s my mommy and I love her. When is she coming home?'” Golden said.

Afterward District Attorney Brett Ligon said the family was good with the life without parole as the family needed closure after 582 days no trial date was even set by 9th District Judge Kelly Case. The family needed closure.

Defense attorney George Parnham said there is no temporary insanity in Texas and to plea to insanity was not an option either.

McClain, will die in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with a number on her uniform, said Ligon.

If the case had gone to trial it could have lasted weeks. The family would have had to through the trial. If she had been convicted and given the death penalty an automatic appeal takes place which is additional time and cost to the taxpayers.

Even after that appeals could last years and in rare cases be returned to the courts for re-trials. Just up to January 2013 attorney fees have mounded up to over $60,000.

NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Just after 12:30am Huntsville, New Waverly and Dodge Fire Departments of Walker County were dispatched to a mobile home fire with reported explosions in the 100 block near Dodge in the Lake Watson Community. They arrived to find a mobile home totally involved in fire. They also located two brothers ages 47 and 48 who had been inside and were burned. One who had been sleeping in a back bedroom suffered burns in which is airway was affected. He was flown by Life Flight Helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital Burn Unit in the Texas Medical Center. The other brother who had been asleep on the couch suffered burns and injuries to his hands from breaking out the glass to escape. He was transported by Walker County EMS to Huntsville Memorial Hospital also in serious condition.

Jimmy Williams, Public Information Officer for the New Waverly Fire Department said there was no gas in the house and he believes the explosions were due to the burning structure. He also said there were no working smoke detectors and the resident reported to have been having electrical problems.

There were several space heaters which are also being looked at.

Williams emphasized the need for working smoke detectors and warned not to connect more than one space heater to a circuit and not to use extension cords for space heaters. He also suggested not falling asleep with a space heater on or leaving one unattended.

The fire was so hot that it melted a nearby swimming pool full of water.

NOVEMBER 19, 2014
In the early morning hour of December 9, 2012, around 3:30 AM, a white or Hispanic male, wearing blue denim shorts, work boots, a tan shirt and an orange hat entered the Valero Gas Station at 14587 FM 1485, near Old Houston Road in Grangerland and after casing the store walked up to the clerk who was mopping floors, grabbed her by the hair and drug her outside, During this time he told her she should cooperate if she wants to survive.

The man threatened the clerk and forced her outside by pulling her by the hair and forced her into a white newer model extended cab Toyota Tacoma pickup.

The clerk escaped from the truck before the suspect could drive away and she ran back into the store, locking herself in the restroom and called for help. It was then Jose Garcia moved his truck to the front of the store, got out and ran back into the store. Yelling through the bathroom door that he was about to fill it with holes. He then left.

On Valentines Day of 2013, a Valero employee happened by the Shamrock gas station on West Davis in Conroe and spotted Garcia there. She contacted police who after investigating took him into custody.

Garcia’s trial started on Monday in Judge Kelly Case’s Court. Tuesday after just ten minutes of deliberation the jury found him guilty. Wednesday after hearing additional testimony of Garcia’s character the jury gave him a life sentence after deliberating just over an hour.

The case was prosecuted by Andrew James and Mike Shirley of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

NOVEMBER 19, 2016

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
At 1:09 am Saturday MCHD received a call for a major accident on SH 105 West near Pine Lake. Medic 43 arrived on the scene along with Conroe Fire Department. They found an Acura SUV that had slammed into the rear of an 18-wheeler which was traveling east on SH105 at close to 50 mph. The vehicle went under the loaded trailer to the rear axle before becoming dislodged. Medics found the victim identified as Robert “Bobby” Westmoreland, age 29, deceased. The truck driver was not injured. According to officials at the scene, the SUV had been traveling at an extremely high rate of speed and was actually straddling two lanes when he struck the truck.
Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack was requested to the scene for an inquest. He ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.
Hillbilly Towing towed the vehicle.
Westmoreland leaves behind a wife and a 3-year-old son.
DPS is continuing the investigation.

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
Harris County authorities have confirmed that they have found the vehicle in connection to the murder of 4-year-old Ava Castillo.

The black Honda Accord was taken in a reported carjacking at approximately 6:45 pm on the date of the incident.
The vehicle was caught on camera entering the complex behind the car driven by Castillo’s mother.

It was found at Siberian Elm and Cypress Island along with a Nissan SUV that had been carjacked overnight.

Harris County is asking the publics’ help to locate the shooter.

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland called this heinous act “an absolute tragedy.”
“A 4-year-old and a 10-year-old shot is pretty horrendous,” Gilliland said. “When you have children involved, it’s not a great scene to be at.”
Gilliland said when criminals are desperate, we do not know what they are capable of and that things can turn violent pretty quickly, even against children.
The mother told deputies there were two men, but a witness says there were three. Those suspects are still at large, and their descriptions at this point are extremely vague — black men, dark-colored clothing, dark car. Deputies are reviewing surveillance video in an effort to get a better description.

They attempted to steal her purse which was on her shoulder. When she went to shield her children the purse became entangled. Shots rang out from the shooters.

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
Two homeless men drinking in the parking lot of a west Houston shopping center parking lot got into an argument as they consumed their alcohol. One man stabbed the other 4 times. The victim walked almost a half-mile to an apartment complex to get help. That is where he collapsed. West Lake Fire Department requested Life Flight. The victim is now in stable condition at Memorial Hermann in Houston. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies and Harris County Precinct 5 Constables took the person who did the stabbing into custody. He is charged with aggravated assault. Police say they are day laborers and live in their trucks in the parking lot at night.

NOVEMBER 19, 2019
Just after 9 am with customers in the bank and the drive-thru of the Chase Bank on FM 1097 West, just west of I-45 an attempted robbery took place. A Brinks Armoured Car driver was servicing the ATM machine at the drive-thru when two black males attempted to rob him. The guard was able to draw his weapon and shoot one suspect as the other fled across FM 1097. 911 phones were jammed with calls coming in, some people reported long waits for an answer. As police arrived they immediately set up a perimeter south of the scene to Old Montgomery, West Loop, and FM 1097. MCHD and NMCFD responded to the scene and after almost 20-minutes of life-saving efforts, the suspect was pronounced deceased. The other suspect may be shot and is the subject of a massive manhunt on FM 1097 and I-45. Police are looking for a possibly black male, tall, slender, dressed completely in black. A DPS helicopter spent several hours searching the woods. TDCJ dogs were called to the scene and searched as far south as FM 830. They finally called off the manhunt at 5 pm. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon was also on the scene as are the Texas Rangers, FBI, Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable, Panorama Police, Walker County Sheriff’s Office, and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, all assisting Willis in the investigation. The Brinks employee was not injured. The name of the victim has not yet been released pending notification of next of kin. Montogomery County Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the body to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

NOVEMBER 19, 2019
At 11:01p.m. Montgomery County Fire dispatchers took a call from a homeowner in the 18000 block of Lilac in the Tanglewood Manor Subdivision off FM 1485 in New Caney. She told dispatchers her second-floor master bedroom was on fire. Station 154 of East Montgomery County Frie Department is housed in their new station a short distance away and responded. First units went on the scene with heavy fire in the rear of the 5400 square foot home. Additional units were called in as firefighters made the attack. With no hydrants, extra tankers were called in. The fire continued to spread and got into the attic of the second floor. The home of rustic construction had plank ceilings making it very hard for firefighters tho make access to the attic. EMC Chief Howard Rinewalt then spotted a 5-ton central air unit on the rook of the home and immediately called for all firefighters to evacuate the building. Moments later the rook collapsed under the weight as the unit fell through to the weakened second floor. Crews continued pouring water onto the fire as a second alarm was called. At 1:07 am the fire was declared under control. However, firefighters will most likely spend the day on the scene as spot fire rekindle. The homeowner was outside with his children doing target practice when he noticed the outside lights wink on and off several times. He then smelled smoke as he noticed the fire in the master bedroom. There were no injuries, the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office will investigate. East Montgomery County Fire Department was assisted by Porter, Caney Creek, Needham, and South County Fire Departments.