major accident in woodlands, attepmted murder???

Approximately 8:15 Wednesday evening Woodlands Fire Department was dispatched to a major accident at Gosling and Lake Woodlands. As they were pulling out of the station a black male ran up and jumped on the truck advising the crew of a possible murder scene at the PetsMart in Shenandoah on Interstate 45.

The crew continued their response and advised the male to wait at the station for one of the sheriff units. They advised dispatch who immediately dispatched patrol units to the PetsMart. Unable to locate anything one unit responded to meet the male at the fire station. When he arrived the reportee was gone.

As other units checked other PetsMarts in the area DPS arrived at the scene of the crash. There they learned the black male who reported the possible was in fact the driver of the Toyota involved in the crash and he had fled the scene on foot.

As EMS worked to stabilize the woman injured in the crash a search of the area started. It was believed there were two in the vehicle that fled.

Moments later Deputies spotted the suspect on a bicycle at the Shell station at Gosling and College Park. The bicycle was put on the patrol units bike rack and the suspect was returned to the scene.

The fire fighters recognized the suspect as the one who reported the possible murder but  they also recognized the bicycle on the patrol unit as the Medical Units bicycle from the fire station.

The suspect who admitted to deputies he was smoking Spice approximately thirty-minutes earlier was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in the Woodlands with a minor head injury.

DPS has not been able to confirm names as of yet on the victim who is believed to be from the Magnolia area.

The  suspect has not been identified as of yet. He has in his possession an Indiana drivers license. The Toyota was registered in Illinois and documents in the vehicle indicated a Woodlands address.Also in the vehicle were several business cards from a pet trainer at Petsmart.

According to Trooper Labig, the Dodge was westbound on Lake Woodlands and entered the intersection of Gosling with a green light. The Toyota driven by the suspect  was northbound on Gosling and ran the red light according to witnesses. He struck the Dodge and continued approximately one-hundred-fifty yards coming to rest in the trees.




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