Four members of the Montgomery County Hospital District’s board were sworn in at the first board meeting for 2017.   The November elections returned three incumbents to the board of the Montgomery County Hospital District Board along with a new face who replaced retiring board chairman Harold Posey. Posey was appointed to the district’s board on November 1, 2005 to fill the unexpired Commissioner Precinct 2 term representing the Magnolia area.

The three incumbents returned to the district’s board by Montgomery County voters included Sandy Wagner, Commissioner Precinct 1 member and board secretary. Ms. Wagner stated she was excited to serve on the board another term. “Our organization is special and I am proud to be a part of it. We have one of the best EMS’ in the State and the Country.  I am very much involved in the indigent care (HCAP) program and I also serve as the MCHD representative to the Public Health Board.  To be able to continue serving with these programs is an honor.”

In looking forward to her new term, Ms. Wagner stated, “I look forward to continuing with the work at MCHD that I have been doing. Thanks to the people who voted for me.  I have always tried to be responsible to them for the tax dollars they have paid.  MCHD spends money wisely and the services provided are excellent! The challenges that are facing MCHD are large and I am grateful to be part of the continued successes.”

Re-elected to continue in his At-Large Position #1, MCHD Board Vice Chairman Mark Cole says his next term will focus on the board’s “traditional priorities of excellence in service we offer to the citizens of Montgomery County, with the least possible burden to the taxpayer.”

Mr. Cole stated, “I love Montgomery County and its hard-working, generous and caring people. They deserve a Hospital District which provides excellent services but without burdening the taxpayer. We are accomplishing that at MCHD, though we are always striving for improvement. I am eager to continue to make progress in each of these areas!”  Mr. Cole noted he is especially proud that MCHD  has reduced its tax rate every that he has been on the board while simultaneously making mprovements in services.”

The third incumbent re-elected to the MCHD board, Georgette Whatley, fills the At-Large Position #3. “I would like to echo the comments made by my fellow returning board members, “ she said. “MCHD continues to improve and I’m excited to be a part of it.  MCHD has reduced the tax rate every year since I have been on the Board.  Even with increases in taxable value, many people are actually paying less for their MCHD taxes now than they were paying in 2004 when I was first elected to the Board.

“Our EMS Department is the best in the state, and quite possibly the nation.  Our HCAP Department does an excellent job of taking care of the indigent in our County.” Ms. Whately stated. “MCHD has made tremendous technological improvements that provide complete transparency.  I would like to see more streamlined meetings so that our employees can get back to their jobs. I have complete faith in our Executive Staff to come up with some creative ways to make that a reality.”

Newcomer Brad Spratt, a Magnolia resident, will fill the Commissioner Precinct 2 position on the board.  He is the director of Health, Safety and Environmental for Northwest Technical solutions in Katy. He brings a long history as a licensed medic and instructor to the MCHD board.  Even though his current position focuses on compliance with regulations, he is a member of a recently formed professional organization, Association of Texas EMS Professionals.

“I have the passion for emergency medical services and even define myself as a paramedic.” Mr.

Spratt stated. “I have a lot of understanding of how this part of the district works and what it does because I worked in the EMS field. Serving on the board is a way to give back to my community.”

Mr. Spratt noted, “MCHD is a phenomenal EMS provider in the state with excellent service while reducing the tax rate. I want to help continue the trend of staying on top as a provider and reducing costs.  There needs to be a balance so that you protect the taxpayers while still recruiting the best in the field. The district has done well in finding that balance between the two goals.”

In other business, the following board members were elected to fill MCHD’s board leadership positions: Kenn Fawn, board chairman; Mark Cole, vice chairman; Chris Grice, treasurer; and Sandy Wagner, secretary.

Montgomery County Hospital District’s mission is to care for the indigent and provide EMS services while protecting the interests of the taxpayers and insuring long-term stability through fund development. To accomplish this mission, the board members and staff of MCHD abide by the values of accountability, compassion, excellence, innovation, integrity, and unity. For more information about MCHD, visit our website at or call 936-523-5000.

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