Over the past few weeks, several political candidates have found their campaign signs missing or defaced. Several students have recently been seen removing these signs from private property, and using them for other purposes including school projects and even pranks. Adults are removing the signs to use for advertising their yard sales or other endeavors.

Last night, several young ladies were found removing signs from the intersection of FM 1485 and FM 2090. When confronted, they said they thought the elections were over, and they needed the signs for an FFA project. They claimed someone at school suggested taking them. It was not just one candidate’s signs, but several.

Those signs were returned, but many have not been.

Regardless of how someone feels about a candidate, the election process or the signs themselves, removing them for any purpose without permission is still against the law unless they are on that person’s property. In Texas, if you get caught vandalizing a sign, you could be charged with criminal mischief. And if you get caught stealing one? Well, you could end up paying up to $500 in fines.

Warn your kids and save everyone money, time and trouble. It’s a pretty stupid reason to get a criminal record…

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  1. LocalDrifter

    LD – you litter our site daily and nobody tries to steal your thoughts…

    That’s because MCPR readers art too classy to wade into the litter box to retrieve them.

  2. jdv666

    Placing a political yard sign on public property or on the state’s right of way is illegal in Texas. The Department of Transportation will remove any election signs illegally placed in the right of way especially those affixed to trees, traffic signs, and telephone poles.
    If the signs are on public property they are fair game

    1. Jamie Nash

      They were not on public property, and if someone leaves something somewhere accidentally or intentionally and you take it without permission and you’re not acting in an official capacity, it’s still stealing.

  3. LocalDrifter

    If it’s on public property (and I AM part of the public) they never asked ME for permission for which I would have strenuously declined their offer to litter my visual environment.

  4. roosterman

    Why dont they pick up their signs its over thats littering our roadsides its not right for them to leave those signs ever where

    1. Jamie Nash

      THE ELECTION IS NOT OVER FOR EVERYBODY. There are runoffs. There are also upcoming elections. Some should be removed, some are still active and none of these were on the shoulder of the road or on utility poles. They were on private property. It’s alarming how many people condone stealing.

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