Once again a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office patrol car has been struck on the freeway. This time luckily the deputy was not in his vehicle. Just after 8 pm, a Deputy stopped for a pickup truck which was parked on the inside shoulder of I-45 on the Spring Creek bridge. The driver had a passenger side flat tire. He was still partially in the HOV lane. The deputy activated his lights and met with the driver who was sitting in the passenger seat, with no flashers going, the Deputy called for wrecker knowing there was no safe way to change the tire on the freeway. The Deputy had most of the HOV lane closed however motorists at highway speed were still passing him and the truck in the HOV lane. A female in a Nissan Altima was southbound and slowed at the last minute for the patrol car. As she did she was rear-ended by a Mitsubishi Diamante. The impact pushed the Nissan into the right rear of the patrol car. There were no injuries luckily. Again motorists are not slowing and moving over for emergency vehicles or wreckers. This is the second patrol car hit in a matter of days due to motorists no adhering to the slow down move over. In addition, if you have a flat tire on the freeway, go to the right shoulder or if at all possible exit the freeway and find a place to pull off. A tire of a few hundred dollars can be replaced, a life cannot. This was not the first traffic hazard deputies went out on tonight. Within an hour prior to the crash, a tire was removed from I-45 near Rayford. A stroller was removed and a couch northbound near Woodlands Parkway.

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