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Two local school cops did something unbelievable…


Samantha Gregory was shopping with her family at the Conroe Walmart on Loop 336 late Wednesday afternoon when she noticed something unusual. Two uniformed Conroe ISD Police Officers were shopping with a list and “looked lost.” She heard them talking and obviously confused about where to find things, so she went over and offered her assistance.

Gregory then learned Corporals Wes McCord and Officer Andy Riley were shopping for a fifth grade boy who started school this week, and they noticed he seemed to have only one suit of clothes that included pink ladies’ tennis shoes.

“All of his clothes were stolen and all he had were the clothes on his back,” Riley said.

The family did not have money to replace what was taken, so they clothed the boy as best they could to to start the school year. The school officers, who by their profession often get a bad rap from kids and parents because of the job they’re forced to do, decided to take action.

“I saw a need, and talking to him, it just touched my heart,” McCord said. “I felt like we could help him and that’s what we did.”

Gregory pointed them in the right direction and continued her shopping. She later noticed they were in the right department, but still appeared to need some help, so she joined them and assisted in finding the boy pants, shirts, and shoes.

“Whenever we delivered the clothes, he was like a kid on Christmas morning – just happy,” Riley said. “That’s what we got into this job for, for our children.”

Gregory was still emotional discussing the situation late Thursday. She said as a mother, it touched her heart, and as a Conroe resident, she was also touched by the compassion the officers had shown. That’s why she contacted news media with their story.

“It makes me feel proud that these are CISD officers,” Gregory said. “They are not required by law to do anything, but they stepped up and they did it.”

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