February 4, 2023 3:16 am

Posted: 7.12.2018 17:46

Conroe Hazmat Crews Flare a Propane Leak

The City of Conroe Fire Department responded to a leaking propane tank at the 12000 block of Highway 105 West. The first arriving crew determined that the structural integrity of a 100 gallon propane tank had been compromised. It was leaking liquefied propane along the bottom of the container which was producing a large vapor cloud. Propane is heavier than air and has a tendency to follow the contour of the ground and accumulate in low places. Conroe Hazmat 7 responded and was able to safely flare off the remaining contents of the tank. Flaring is a technique where the flammable gas is released and burned in a safe manor preventing an explosion of accumulated gas.
Propane and natural gas are both odorized to allow leaks to be detected. It has a sulfur or rotten egg smell which is easily detectable in small amounts.
Same safety tips for using propane
– If you smell a strong odor of gas, leave the area immediately and call the fire department from outside the home.
– Handle any propane-powered equipment cautiously and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
– Cylinder tanks for equipment such as stoves and ovens must be located outside of the home.
– Never store or use propane gas cylinders larger than one pound inside the home.
– Never operate a propane-powered gas grill inside the home.
– Have propane gas equipment inspected periodically by a professional for possible leaks or
– Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when lighting a pilot.