February 4, 2023 2:02 am

Posted: 27.7.2012 18:02

New Caney Wrong Way Driver Sentenced to Prison

Clayton Walker Sievertson, 37 years old, was sentenced to 16 years prison for the 2nd Degree Felony of Intoxication Manslaughter today in the 435th District Court of Montgomery County, Texas. Judge Michael Seiler sentenced Sievertson pursuant to a plea agreement reached between the prosecutors, Andrew James and Warren Diepraam, and the defense lawyers, Jed Silverman and Doug Atkinson. Sievertson faced a prison sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison for the offense. In addition, Sievertson was sentenced to three 10 year sentences for Intoxication Assault and two cases of Fail to Stop and Render Aid. All of those offenses are 3rd Degree Felonies with punishment ranges of 2 to 10 years in prison. Sievertson was eligible for probation because he had no previous felony convictions.

Prosecutor Andrew James alleged that on January 20, 2011 at about 4:30 AM at Loop 494 and Farris Green Road in New Caney, Sievertson was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes of Loop 494 when he struck a vehicle driven by Alicia Sanchez and her daughter, Daysy Silvestre, who were headed southbound to report to work at a local business. Sievertson’s pickup truck drove over their vehicle instantly killing Sanchez and causing serious bodily injury to Silvestre. Sievertson got out of his pickup truck and fled the scene on foot without rendering assistance. He was found about five hours later after an extensive search by DPS troopers, a DPS helicopter, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and other law enforcement officers.

At the scene, Sievertson denied being involved, but DPS Crime Scene Investigators discovered his DNA on his steering wheel and on the victim’s car. He was taken to a local hospital where a mandatory blood sample was taken. Although it was around five hours after the crash, his blood alcohol level was tested at 0.082 by the SHSU Regional Crime Lab in The Woodlands. At the time of driving, his blood alcohol level would have been close to a 0.20 according to prosecution experts.

In a twist of fate, a passerby stopped to assist the victims of the crash immediately after it occurred. This person later learned that the wrong way driver was Sievertson with whom he had spent time with earlier that night at local bars. The good Samaritan assisted with trying to save Sanchez and calm Silvestre until paramedics arrived. He also identified Sievertson to DPS investigator, Eric Lopez, and confirmed that Sievertson had been drinking all night.

Although Sievertson was eligible for probation because he had no prior felonies, he did have several misdemeanor arrests ranging from a Phoenix Arizona 1993 DWI arrest, a 1997 Louisiana Domestic Violence arrest, a 1999 Louisiana drug case, in 1999 a Louisiana Bigamy arrest, and in 2005 in Idaho, a Domestic Violence arrest. Prosecutor Andrew James, states that this case represents the tragedy of DWI because the victim was unnecessarily taken from her family simply because she was going to work in the morning and happened to be at the same place a drunk driver callously decided to drive. James pointed out that the Sanchez family will remain devastated and destroyed forever because Sievertson cared more about drinking and driving than about others safety.